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Act3 Playhouse opens its 2023-24 season with Xanadu

Act3 Playhouse is kicking off its 2023-24 season with a fun and family-friendly musical called “Xanadu.” This show is all about roller-skating, laughter, and pursuing your dreams, no matter what obstacles you face.

You might remember “Xanadu” from the famous movie with Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly. Well, now you can see it live on stage! Directed by Charlie Miller, this musical promises a great time for everyone.

The story is about not letting others limit your dreams. It’s a moving and exciting production with lots of laughter. The music, composed by pop-rock legends Jeff Lynne and John Farrar from ELO, will keep you entertained throughout.

If you want to be part of the fun, you can get tickets. They have options for single tickets, group tickets, and even season tickets. Just visit to grab yours.

You’ll find Act3 Playhouse at Sandy Springs Plaza, specifically at 6285R Roswell Rd. So, come on over and enjoy the neon lights of “Xanadu” with us!


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