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Path of Exile Currency – What Are the Main Types of Currency Items in Path of Exile?

Path of Exile’s currency system is one of its key mechanics. Comprised of several useful items that allow players to acquire or upgrade equipment quickly and efficiently.

These items range from standard orbs to Exalted Orbs – each possessing unique properties and benefits – and can be obtained by killing monsters, opening chests, using vendor recipes or trading with other players.


Path of Exile is an action RPG featuring an expansive and immersive world. At its core is a wide variety of currency items which players can collect to upgrade gear, trade with NPC vendors, and unlock abilities in Wraeclast.

Orbs are the main form of currency used in game, and can be found as monster loot, chest drops and destructible container drops, NPC vendors or special encounters. They are most frequently found as drops from Rogue’s Harbor encounters as well.

These orbs include the Orb of Transmutation, which transforms an ordinary item into an exceptional one by applying up to two random affixes; Alteration adds one affix or prefix per gear or weapon, and Exalted allows players to create powerful rare items with specific combinations of affixes – making these orbs highly sought after and valuable. Individuals with expectations to know about path of exile currency cost and other details can feel free to visit here.

Other forms of currency include the Scroll of Wisdom, which helps identify unidentifiable objects, and the Portal Scroll which creates a portal back into your current act’s town. Essences of Harmony, Beauty and Strength can all enhance an item by either 5 percent, 2 percent or 1 percent in quality; similarly Orbs of Infusion Alchemy Mirror of Kalandra can upgrade specific equipment types at once.


One of the core components of Path of Exile is its currency system. This consists of various items that enable players to purchase, trade, or upgrade equipment or even modify their passive skill tree. Players can earn these items through various sources including drops from monsters or chests; fortune telling cards; vendor recipes; or by completing quests.

Path of Exile offers several distinct currency items, with Orbs and Shards standing out among the rest. Orbs are the most frequently encountered type of currency item and can be used to acquire or improve equipment through various means – whether through drops from monsters in-game, vendor purchases or selling them yourself in town.

Shards, on the other hand, are an uncommon form of currency and have an even greater effect on player experience. Used for adding extra affixes or changing explicit modifier values of unique items. Shards may be obtained as drops from killed monsters or from destructible containers and chests found throughout the world; or through using one of Arcanist Strongboxes and Beastcrafting recipes.

Divination Cards

Path of Exile’s currency system consists of various functional items like orbs, scrolls, catalysts, and sextants that play an integral part in character progression and helping fulfill specific tasks.

Orbs of Alteration provide players with an opportunity to customize their equipment with unique modifications that increase power. Reroll modifiers on items, or even create random ones! It provides players with an important way to personalize and customize their equipment while increasing its potential power levels.

Regal Orbs can also be useful in crafting rare and end-game gear. These currencies require long-term investments from players and should only be utilized if you have a clear plan in mind for your equipment.

Beyond Orbs, the game offers multiple other forms of currency for players to acquire in-game. Most commonly is Orbs which can be acquired through regular activities like grinding monsters and purchasing items from NPC vendors; additionally important currencies are Shards/Fragments that can be used to complete items; cards also exist that provide unique categories of items, like Atziri exclusive ones – although sources for these cards can differ between leagues.

Oils & Catalysts

Currency in Poe is essential to player progression, enabling them to purchase equipment and upgrade skill gems. But its acquisition can be challenging; many players dedicate their time to killing monsters or grinding for high-level maps in order to amass more Poe Currency.

Path of Exile’s primary currency items are orbs, shards, fragments, oils and catalysts; these serve multiple functions including increasing character power, reforging rare items with powerful affixes and facilitating trades through its in-game trading system.

Orbs are the primary currency in the game, offering various uses and values. Basic orbs drop from monsters, can be purchased from vendor recipes in town, or earned through League mechanics; more advanced orbs (Regal Orbs and Exalted Orbs) require having a plan in mind in order to use them effectively.

Resonators and vials, for instance, help strengthen passive skill trees or support gems, while Chromatic Orbs allow players to switch out item sockets colors – helpful when making mistakes with passive skill choices and wish to change build paths later on. Finally, The Cartographer’s Sextant offers endgame-only currency items which grant access to special maps with unique boss fights.



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