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Foods You Should Never Keep in the Fridge

All foods fare higher when saved within the fridge—right? Not so speedy. Maintaining certain foods refrigerated slows bacterial growth and enables stave off meals poisoning. However different ingredients do higher at room temperature. Query is: which of them? It’s not continually obvious.

You understand that milk, meat, and eggs are pleasant kept within the refrigerator, but what approximately avocados, tomatoes and potatoes?

Understanding which ingredients to hold inside the refrigerator and which of them to hold at room temperature is going a protracted manner towards getting the most from your groceries. We spoke with meals professionals who shared critical meals protection tips.


Wealthy in vitamin c, potassium, and other healthful nutrients, ripe tomatoes do better whilst left on the counter, especially in case you plan to consume them within the subsequent day or so, says dana greene, rd, a registered dietitian in boston. “the cold temperatures will affect the feel and flavor.”

A have a look at published in 2020 in frontiers in plant science, however, found no difference in colour, sweetness, sourness, aftertaste, and juiciness of ripe tomatoes kept in the refrigerator versus the ones left at the counter. Unlike preceding research, the tomatoes in this take a look at had been refrigerated for best an afternoon or , that can account for the unique findings. It could additionally be something approximately the particular crop of tomatoes examined within the look at.

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In no way keep potatoes inside the fridge. Refrigeration turns potato starch into sugar greater quickly, and while baked or fried, those sugars can also produce the most cancers-inflicting chemical acrylamide, consistent with public fitness england, an govt organization of the department of fitness and social care within the united kingdom.

Rather, save taters in a cool, dark area, suggests says robin foroutan, rd, integrative medicine dietitian at morrison center in big apple metropolis and spokesperson for the academy of vitamins and dietetics. The darkness prevents them from turning green.

Iciness squash

Maintain wintry weather squash in a cool, darkish area, foroutan says. The hard outside of wintry weather squash—whether it is acorn, butternut, kabocha, or spaghetti squash—protects the internal flesh for extended periods of time, she says.


It is not unusual to see cans of espresso inside the fridge, however this isn’t the fine region to keep coffee, greene says. “coffee is much more likely to pick up other flavors around it when it’s within the fridge.” she indicates preserving your ground coffee in a sealed container faraway from daylight to maximise the flavor.

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In case you’ve ever placed a banana in the refrigerator, you realize it turns darkish brown, which must tell you that they’re now not intended to be refrigerated, foroutan says. Bananas, which can be commonly bought before they’re ripe, will ripen at room temperature. However refrigeration slows down this manner. “bananas release a fuel that ripens different fruit, so maintain bananas away from other fruit,” she provides.


Butter and margarine slice and unfold higher when they may be stored at room temperature and that is safe is fairly, in step with america branch of agriculture (usda). But leaving both of them out for numerous days is not a good name. Butter can grow rancid and margarine, mainly the soft-bath kind, can separate into oil or water and solids. The bottom line? Maintain it out if you are planning to use it within an afternoon or .


Herbs like basil, rosemary, and thyme will dry out too fast and lose their taste in case you preserve them in the fridge, says greene. As an alternative, she shows placing herbs faraway from daylight in a small glass of room-temperature water on the countertop.


Retaining bread within the fridge will protect it from mould for longer durations of time, but this may be at the rate of taste, greene says. “refrigerated bread gets dried out and isn’t as tasty,” she says. In keeping with the usda, bread can be stored at room temperature for two to 4 days, however it’s going to closing seven to 14 days inside the refrigerator.


At the grocery keep, you may locate whole cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew within the produce segment at room temperature. That is what you have to do while you are taking entire, uncut melons home too, greene says. Keeping whole watermelons at room temperature may also even maximize their dietary price.

When saved at room temp, watermelon has double the amount of the antioxidant beta carotene and 20 percent greater lycopene, every other antioxidant powerhouse, consistent with a observe inside the journal of agriculture and food chemistry.

Reduce melons, but, are any other tale, says greene. “storing reduce melons at room temperature can lead to rapid boom of micro organism because they now not have the protective shell.”


Except split or peeled, onions need to be kept in a fab, dry, dark, and properly-ventilated spot, notes the national onion affiliation. Loss of ventilation will lessen their storage life. In evaluation, entire peeled or pre-reduce onions ought to be refrigerated and used earlier than the expiration date.


Maintain clean garlic at room temperature, too, suggests greene. Garlic in oil combinations, but, ought to be refrigerated and used or tossed out inside per week to avoid botulism, in step with the usda. (learn how to freeze clean meals and prevent waste.)

Citrus fruits

This one is kind of up to you, foroutan says. “citrus fruit would not have to be refrigerated, however in case you’re not going to eat them right away, you can refrigerate them.” the identical holds proper for whole tropical fruit like mango, kiwi, and pineapple. “make certain to consume them within to 3 days if you are retaining them at room temperature.” as soon as cut or peeled, sparkling produce must be refrigerated in included packing containers or frozen in plastic freezer packing containers inside hours to maintain it secure from micro organism.


Hold those healthy culmination at room temperature, foroutan says. However this suggest best makes feel in case you devour your avocado stash pretty speedy.

“in any other case, hold them in the fridge so that they ripen slower,” she says. “if they are still firm, take them out a day or so before the usage of them and you’ll never pass over the ripe avocado window once more.” to get a rock-solid avocado to ripen quicker, vicinity it in a brown paper bag with a banana, shows foroutan. “the banana’s ethylene gas will ripen the avocado faster.”

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Hold your honey in a tightly sealed container in a fab place far from direct daylight, greene says. “if you maintain it within the refrigerator, it can solidify, making it tougher to apply,” she adds.

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Peanut butter

Hold unopened nut butter in the pantry, foroutan says. “peanut butter does higher in a dry, cool place,” she says. “however after you open it, refrigeration will hold it fresh longer than in case you preserve it inside the pantry.” (seeking out a peanut butter change? Here’s what you want to understand approximately almond butter.)


Unopened ketchup will last as a minimum a 12 months, in step with the food advertising institute and cornell university institute of meals technology. Once opened, it have to be used inside a month if saved within the pantry or within six months if stored inside the fridge. But does it belong inside the refrigerator door…Or at the shelf? We are ending the talk: the quality region to shop condiments.


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